Opposites attract each other and become style
Not even design escapes from the irresistible law of attraction of the opposites. Past and present are bound by the same aesthetic instinct, like two magnets that have an unavoidable power of seduction. The result is a timeless charm. A contamination of shapes that give life to a new perception of space, where the geometries […]
The new catalogue, a design book
25 years after the first edition, the new MIPA design catalogue comes out in a completely new version in terms of content and style. A book of ideas with new suggestions and new decorative tiles where marble graniglia fully shows its design and decorative potential becoming protagonist of contemporary interior design. Download the new catalogue […]
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Colori e geometrie ispirano il design nel nuovo catalogo MODULO
Nata per dare libero spazio alla progettazione, la collezione di graniglia di marmo MODULO trova nuove forme di espressione nella recentissima riedizione del catalogo. Un restyling interamente dedicato all’ispirazione di design che riconferma l’alto valore decorativo del sistema progettuale studiato da Mipa e composto da nove moduli poligonali componibili secondo molteplici combinazioni e schemi di […]
DaMariano Londra1
Pizzeria Da Mariano in London
The perfect place to enjoy life, cuisine and Italian tradition From Naples to the heart of London, Da Mariano takes to the UK the recipes and flavors of our origins. A secret, the one of the perfect dough, handed down from generation to generation that takes to the tables of the whole world the queen […]
Felice A Testaccio – Tradition on the table and on the floor
Every place has its history and every story has its flavors, its colors, its shapes. This is what happens at Felice a Testaccio, one of the oldest and most famous tavern of the capital that since its birth in 1936 tells the origins of the eternal city and makes its cuisine famous all over the […]
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Architect@Work Barcelona
From November 15 to 16th, we wait for you with our best marble Graniglia tiles’collections at CCIB –Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona.
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GoMex in Lyon
In Lyon the perfect mix between South-American, exotic and contemporary in a Mexican restaurant. A city with an ancient soul that is discovering new forms of expression in architecture and design. An overseas cuisine that finds its place in the French gastronomic capital. And the color that becomes an element of synthesis between distant ages […]
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Maison&Objet 2018
From 19 to 23 January 2018 MIPA will bring to Paris the style and the influences of the finest Italian handicraft. MIPA graniglia tiles are the protagonist, a material born from the Italian tradition, reinterpreted to become something precious with a technical and high decorative value, to give new values to contemporary architecture and to […]