MIPA’s graniglia starring in the Elle Decor “Material Home” exhibition

The SEEDS collection on a sensory journey into living at the Elle Decor exhibition

The exhibition-installation organized by Elle Decor Italia on the occasion of the FuoriSalone during Milan Design Week has become a well-established tradition. Each year, this exhibition offers a unique and original perspective on lifestyles and ways of living, involving prominent national and international brands in the sector, including MIPA with its terrazzo.

The theme chosen for this year’s edition was “Material Home,” a synesthetic and sensory journey that guided visitors through seven distinct environments, exploring materials in all their forms.

The installation, a result of the collaboration between three renowned design studios – Elisa Ossino Studio, Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design, and Studio Antonio Perazzi – found its focal point in MIPA’s terrazzo, transforming the “Polvere” room, the large tripartite living area and main space of the installation, into a true work of art.

A central aspect of the room was the chromatic trick, which gradually shaded and evolved across the three environments that comprised it, aligning with the orientation and guiding the visitors’ gaze. This effect was elevated to an exceptional level thanks to the meticulous selection of MIPA’s products.