Sustainable Tiles and Design at Milan Design Week 2023

MIPA Design x Monoferments

Circolare MDW23 by Isola Design Milan, Piazza Città di Lombardia, 23

April 18-23, 2023

Sustainable Vision of Interior Design

Architects Elisa Evaso and Luca Guglieri from Monostudio Associati present their vision of interior design, characterized by the use of natural and biophilic materials for the well-being of space users. Sustainable and ethical design, with a circular and local approach to reusing food waste, construction waste, and industrial waste, is at the heart of the collaboration between MIPA Design and Monoferments. The “Semplicemente Circolare” palette includes two series of decorative tiles for wall coverings, samples for flooring, scrap fabrics dyed with leftover food, and a paint made from gypsum, casein, and natural pigments. During Milan Design Week 2023, Monoferments presents two lines of handmade decorative tiles made from demolition waste from Lombard construction sites: excavated soil, bricks, sand, and cement, used both as a ceramic body and as glaze.

Concept and project: Monostudio Associati – Monoferments
Photo: Mario Teli
Styling: Elisabetta Bongiorni
Instagram: @mipadesign | @monostudioassociatimilano | @monoferments


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