Previewing the primitive charm of Marble graniglia

MIPA announces the exclusive preview of NEOLITICO: a new chapter in the MONOMATERIA Collection

We are thrilled to unveil an exclusive first look at NEOLITICO, the latest evolution of our esteemed MONOMATERIA collection, realized in collaboration with Studiocharlie. This series redefines the essence of timeless design, featuring monumental tables crafted from marble graniglia slabs. These pieces embody nature’s raw, creative force and the human instinct to transform and build.

NEOLITICO is more than just a collection; it’s a celebration of unique, sculptural forms where the base in marble graniglia, as the fundamental element, takes center stage. Skillfully replicated and resized, it lends itself to creating both low and high tables, each resonating with intrinsic, primordial charm.

Join us in experiencing the convergence of art, nature, and design with NEOLITICO, where every piece tells its own story of craftsmanship and innovation.