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Punk_A – the concept bench
Punk_A is a modular “concept bench” made up of 3 or more elements that allow customizing the bench concept transforming it from a seat to a table. Designed for the bathroom, for the living area but also for outdoor use. The perfect mix between the elegant and precious terrazzo and the harmonious lines of the […]
The new Mipa collection which is born to give shape to great ideas. SLABS is an interior design trend that rereads and puts a spotlight on marble terrazzo surfaces, adding a contemporary touch to these eco-friendly materials that create arrays of highly decorative surfaces. The big size opens new prospects and is flexible enough to […]
The new catalogue, a design book
25 years after the first edition, the new MIPA design catalogue comes out in a completely new version in terms of content and style. A book of ideas with new suggestions and new decorative tiles where marble graniglia fully shows its design and decorative potential becoming protagonist of contemporary interior design. Download the new catalogue […]
Parisina, the new graniglia decorative tile
Beautiful and deceptive just like the protagonist of the homonymous lyrical opera. With its design made of empty and full spaces and geometries, Parisina is the new decoration for the marble graniglia tiles by Mipa.  A decorative tile, which makes every space unique with its style apparently rigorous but in reality lively thanks to the […]
New catalogues Research Collection
New colours, new environments, new colour schemes. Our research journey in the world of decoration still goes on. The Cuba and Puerto Rico collections are being enriched by colours, styles and inspirations. We meant to give evidence of the projects we realized, we continued to experience by increasing our colours’ palette and by adding new […]