The Nacarat Bar at Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Mipa’s graniglia for an icon of Canadian lifestyle

In 1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono took a room at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal for their legendary bed-in.
Today, after more than a year of renovations, the hotel reopens completely renewed and among the used precious materials, there is Mipa graniglia.

A project that opens design to the city: with the recent renovation of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Sid Lee Architecture gives Montreal not only a renewed living space, but a place where welcoming becomes something holistic and goes beyond the concepts of customer and citizen.

A meeting space where to find inspiration and where Mipa graniglia enriches with significant details the elegant Nacarat Bar whose terrace overlooks a lovely city view and whose midcentury style is the result of an eclectic blend of influences including glam rock, pop, British club style. In addition, a retro touch thanks to Mipa decorative tile specially realized on demand for this exclusive project.

Project by Sid Lee Architecture
Photographer Stéphane Brügger