Beauty and wellness: Mipa on the tables of the Panenostro laboratory in Rimini

Since well-being is becoming more and more synonymous with beauty as well as health, even the space where we have lunch or dinner becomes a primary element to enhance that kind of experience.
Starting from this point of view Panenostro, a natural cooking laboratory located in Rimini, has chosen Mipa graniglia for its tables.
In particular, the Slabs collection tiles with their important granulometry, which gives a particular salt and pepper effect to the charming garden. Slabs whose large and modular dimensions are perfect to be used not only for floor or wall covering, but also as a versatile material for furnishing accessories.

Panenostro shows clearly its values: the choice of simple ingredients, the passion for authentic things, the respect for the product and the importance of the raw material, the naturalness of the elements, the link with tradition and the search for innovation that must not detach itself from the certainties of the past. These values are confirmed by using Mipa graniglia: a natural and recyclable material, which always changes according to time and space, without ever forgetting its origins and the uniqueness of its style.

Panenostro Lab is inside Hotel Villa Rosa Riviera
Designed by Cristina Zanni designer
Special thanks to blogger Cucino per te scemo