Opposites attract each other and become style

Not even design escapes from the irresistible law of attraction of the opposites.
Past and present are bound by the same aesthetic instinct, like two magnets that have an unavoidable power of seduction. The result is a timeless charm. A contamination of shapes that give life to a new perception of space, where the geometries “meet” the decorative tiles and the strength of the colors contrasts with the minimalism of the rooms.

This is what happens in this beautiful apartment located in Milan where the owner, a stylist of a well-known fashion brand, has chosen MIPA marble graniglia tiles to enhance the spaces.

The decorative tile Amleto has been used in the kitchen and its decorative appeal creates an interesting contrast with the central steel worktop and the original 50s Swedish style furnishings.

The decorative tile Assonometria has been chosen for the bathrooms in two different colour combinations whose geometric essentiality matches the minimalism of the furnishings. In addition, the graniglia floor fits well with the hallway parquet creating a pleasant effect.