Felice A Testaccio – Tradition on the table and on the floor

Every place has its history and every story has its flavors, its colors, its shapes. This is what happens at Felice a Testaccio, one of the oldest and most famous tavern of the capital that since its birth in 1936 tells the origins of the eternal city and makes its cuisine famous all over the world. The strictly traditional recipes and the renewed spaces in full respect of the original style make eating in this restaurant a unique and genuine experience.
Tradition as we know recalls other traditions, as shown by the use of Mipa graniglia tiles for the floor.

Specifically the choice has been a chessboard-laying scheme with the 20×20 tiles of the plain colour collection. A format that, thanks to the great versatility of the colours and application patterns, fits the free creativity of the designer. In addition the use of the decorative tile La Dama di Picche in the colours Nero Intenso, Wengè, Avorio and Rosso Pompei. All the tiles are in the Light Bloom finish, with brushed surface.