Appartamento Sul Lungomare Di Napoli Media
Beachfront apartment in Naples
Homes are the places where we can express our personal tastes and experiment, showcasing our personality and if we are collectors displaying works of treasured art and design. It’s exactly what happens in this beautiful beachfront apartment in Castellammare di Stabia (Naples), a great new design project by Giuseppe di Somma. The floors of this […]
Eclettico Appartamento Con Terrazza (7)
Eclectic apartment with terrace
This small apartment is located in a historic building of the 19th Century in the centre of Verona. The project is the combination of a small space and the desire to revisit the history of its building through an accurate choice of materials, such as the herringbone pattern and terrazzo tiles. This process has generated […]
Villa A Monza
Villa a Monza
A light-filled renovation which chooses the “Dust” material from the SLABS collection   This detached villa in Monza is the example of how contemporary architecture can create a space that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. A new project realized by Mohamed Keilani and Claudia Famiglietti in collaboration with OPEN 02 srl. Natural […]
Design plays with color
The pastry shop CaBarET in Milan is lively and original like the period from which it takes inspiration and amazes for its energy and elegance. The stylistic strength of the Terrazzo floor and the vintage burl furniture combines with the vitality of the brightly colored furnishing accessories. The effect is funny: blue and yellow in […]
The style that comes from the mix of SLABS and parquet
Try to combine the materials. The minimal beauty of marble and the authentic warmth of wood. The typical Terrazzo marble chips together with the natural stripes of the parquet. The result is a contrast that characterizes the style of the space which is impactful, but at the same time fine and discreet, just like the […]
IMG 4262
MIPA Terrazzo becomes trendy in Athens
Floors, wall coverings and furnishing accessories are the many surfaces where MIPA style, eclectic and elegant, shows its decorative potential enriching what becomes trendy: these images refer to the layout created for N. PATIRIS AEE showroom in Athens. The contract section The contract section is thought for architects and designers who are looking for an […]
Colmar Brewer St Store London Photographer Ben Broomfield @photobenphoto
The Slabs collection for the Colmar Store in London
Defining the style of a store means to characterize the identity of a brand. Colmar has chosen for its store in London a minimal industrial mood with neutral shades enriched with material surfaces that give value to the spaces. The Silver gray of the new MIPA oversize SLABS collection highlights the clothing’s bright shades. SLABS […]
MIPA patchwork: combinazioni di stile
The styles clash, the lines intertwine and the colour breaks into the surface. Mipa patchworks are moments of pure inspiration and what comes out when our design office leaves space to its creativity. It is well known that it is not possible to control fantasy that is why for the choice of the patterns it […]
Touch of artist
His peculiar artworks are the result of his fantasy and how he uses his hands as well as the unique style of his home. The artist Davide Rivalta succeeds in giving shape to his home according to his own style exactly in the same way as he gives shape to the raw material of his […]
Design … sweet design.

A long history, the experience of our hands all for you.. The historic bakery Calabrò of Sant’Antioco, which has been producing Sardinian typical products for 100 years, has chosen for its restyling MIPA marble graniglia tiles and in particular the Loiza decorative tile. The obtained result is a geometric black and white effect on the […]