Eclectic apartment with terrace

This small apartment is located in a historic building of the 19th Century in the centre of Verona. The project is the combination of a small space and the desire to revisit the history of its building through an accurate choice of materials, such as the herringbone pattern and terrazzo tiles. This process has generated a functional and simple space which is the result of a meticulous study of every detail. The dialogue with the client has enabled us to maintain some features of the original space, such as the wooden beams, which have been integrated to elements that connect different surfaces making this apartment unique and vibrant.
The boiserie in the living room, repeated in the bedroom, focuses its elegance on the knots between vertical and horizontal elements. The bathroom covering is not only used on the walls but also on the bedside tables in the bedroom.

These continuous references between materials revolve around the main character of this house: the herringbone parquet that as the other surfaces is used on the small coffee tables in the living room. Lastly, the big picture in the entrance focuses the attention on the armchair that acts as a magnet for the living room, the bright heart of the house, that opens onto a small terrace functioning as a relax area. For the bathroom coverings and the custom made bedside tables the architect has chosen “Elegance” from SLABS collection. Project: Carlo Cretella
Photography: 13LAB