Apartment, Porta Romana, Milano


The complete renovation project dedicated to a prestigious historic building located in Milan envisaged an “all over” use of Mipa graniglia, once again showing its discreet, elegant and absolutely protagonist style.

Choosing the Mipa terrazzo is always a source of enormous pride for the company. But when the material is even made the protagonist, with references also in the finishes, it is an absolute success. This is the story behind the Biro Architetti project photographed by Alberto Strada. Here, graniglia has had the opportunity to show its timeless charm and its aesthetic flexibility, furnishing any environment with discreet elegance.

A period house has the gift of historic charm. However, it is necessary to select the right elements to make it revive in every environment.


The Mipa terrazzo has inherited the resistance from an indestructible material and from the ancient historical uses the charm of a style that beats the concept of fashion.

The wonder of marble, once again.

The complete renovation project of a period house in the heart of Milan saw a celebration of the elegance of the XXL Seeds and Slabs collection palettes. In particular, the Wild Rose palette from the Seeds collection was used as a covering in the bathroom. The delicacy of the colors left space of expression for the furnishing accessories, in a strong color and with clean but decisive lines.

While a stronger color was selected for the kitchen environment, that of the Dust palette from the Slabs collection, which instead gave more character to the space, while still enhancing the furniture whose shades it recalls. To give continuity to the rooms in a mix of warm and cold colors, was selected again the Dust palette. A true masterpiece of graniglia.

A period house in Porta Romana in the heart of Milan, a small jewel, thus becomes an important showcase for a material of equal historical value such as graniglia. A dream restoration.


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Architect: Biro Architetti
Architectural Photographer: Alberto Strada