Graniglia and cementine are back

The styles of the past come back to fascinate and attract again.

The styles of the past come back to fascinate and attract again.

Interior design has pursued for several years a vintage trend, which has led to the reinterpretation of materials of the past such as cementine and graniglia and has given life to an evolution of the contemporary style, which has its roots in tradition.
A tradition whose strength are artisanship and decoration, typical features of the Italian taste and beauty over the centuries.
Consequently, minimalism has been abandoned in favor of decorating and of the recovery of ancient materials, which never stopped to be used in our living spaces.

We are speaking in particular of wall coverings that thanks to their resistance and beauty have always been used in our living spaces always staying timeless.
We refer to those retrò tiles (both decorative tiles and plain colour tiles) used nowadays as a vintage touch in modern houses, too: cementine and graniglie.

Two types of apparently similar tiles but actually with different features.

Cementine known as pastina di cemento tiles or cement tiles are composed of water, white cement, marble powder, mineral powders and natural colorants. They are mainly in double layer.

Marble graniglia tiles known as graniglia tiles are composed mainly of marble chips of different sizes, marble powder, natural colorants and cement as bonding agent. The preciousness of the materials and the manufacturing processes ensure their splendor unchanged over time exactly like the fine marbles they are composed of.
Mipa tiles are in monolayer, composed of high resistant cements, washed and dust-free marbles to obtain the best quality of the body mix. The use of the best non-photosensitive oxides guarantees the color stability over time. Thanks to their physical features, Mipa tiles can be used also outdoors since frost resistant.
As for the final effect, it is possible to polish Mipa products after installation achieving a monolithic floor. It is always possible to renew and modify the finish.
Last but not least the possibility of decorating: the tradition of the graniglia decorative tiles is very old and has always been characterized by several designs, patterns, geometries and colours over the time.

Thanks to the Mipa web app Custom Colours System (link…) it is possible to customize your own decorative tile choosing the colours and the laying scheme online, too.

Trends pass, style lasts forever.
This is the strenght of Mipa contemporary heritage