Maison et Objet
Paris, 2022


Maison & Objet 2022, the Parisian event dedicated to design and lifestyle ended exceeding all expectations.

Thousands of spectators arrived from all over the world to discover the most interesting trends and furnishing solutions to come. Among these was placed the MIPA terrazzo which brought the usual quality in a new light, demonstrating the chromatic versatility of a material with a precious soul still to be discovered.

Two design concepts with a single denominator: luxury.

The theme of this edition was “The new luxuries”, revisited in two pavilions with different souls: the first uber luxe , draws inspiration from the fusion of technology and artisanal art to propose new interior perspectives. The second lux populis , on the other hand, starts from pop culture and street trends, where a more social and inclusive concept of design is born and evolves.

PHOTO-2022-03-24-14-00-36 2

MIPA offered its artistic contribution by staging the revolution of color in terrazzo.

A theme that started from the brand’s artisan tradition, that is the decorations and solid colors transposed into a contemporary chromatic key. Visitors were able to touch the art of the terrazzo, all the tiles, the most beautiful minimals and the developments of the total surface within a larger architectural project.

The concept of terrazzo coating has thus become more immersive to welcome visitors who have been able to bring with them and in their work a completely new view of terrazzo no longer linked to outdated stereotypes, but rather to a design concept, fresh and all to explore.