Mipa’s contract business has been developed for architects, designers or engineers who look for exclusive tiles that are not just pleasing to the eye: marble terrazzo is actually a superior quality material with an established tradition.

The strength of this product lies in its craftsmanship, versatility and patterns, and above all in the chance to perfectly customise any design. The high level of customisation in terms of colours, inlays, finishes, sizes and layouts offers the opportunity to develop unique designs, perfect for those hotels or stores that want to give their brand a sophisticated allure.

A tailor-made service that further increases the added value of a precious marble material that gives a touch of opulence to any room.
Aesthetically, terrazzo is instantly recognisable for its texture, for that distinctive feel that makes you guess the pattern and craftsmanship behind it.
What makes all the difference is the fact there are no joints between the tiles, so the floor is laid as a monolith.

In addition, just because of the careful craftsmanship and the value of the materials, over the years and even now, marble terrazzo tiles have turned out to be outstandingly durable and wear-resistant. So they are ideal for high-traffic indoor and outdoor areas or crowded places. Marble terrazzo tiles are perfect for renovating antique floors in historical buildings where the original style needs to be preserved. A great opportunity for all those professionals who deal with renovations and refurbishments of valuable buildings.

The company’s service enhances the more technical and aesthetic features of the product: actually, Mipa provides professionals with 360-degree assistance, from the design stage, with the help of its Design Department, to the manufacturing and logistic stage, with its long experience in the development of major hotel, residential and retail projects.

The company’s service enhances the more technical and aesthetic features of the product